Statement of Qualifications

Section 3.0
Environmental Program Management

Environmental Program Management Services is an integrated process, developed by DSM, for the design, implementation and management of Client specific, Multi-Media Environmental Programs. DSM Environmental Programs balance the regulatory requirement for environmental compliance with the Client's operational and economic goals while substantially reducing Client environmental liability. The process elements, central to all DSM provided Program Management Services include:
  • Determine Client's operational, economic, scheduling and risk acceptance criteria;
  • Identify and prioritize Client's environmental risks and liabilities;
  • Develop Environmental Programs to manage Client's identified risk;
  • Implement Environmental Programs to reduce Client risk and liability; and
  • Establish information systems to track, report, monitor, manage and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented Environmental Programs.
DSM provides solutions by listening to our Client's needs, identifying the risks and liabilities, developing a balanced environmental compliance program, developing and implementing the most practical, cost effective program or compliance strategy, and providing a state-of-the-art information technology tracking and control system to ensure timely Client management of the implemented Programs. DSM maintains a qualified and experienced engineering and environmental professional staff consisting of all required disciplines, including chemical, mechanical and civil engineers, hydro-geologists and geologists, biologists, chemists, environmental scientists, information technology engineers, database programmers, data technology support specialists and field technicians. DSM provides Environmental Program Management Services on a Project specific or annual contract basis.
Environmental Program Management Services is organized into three primary technical service areas - "Program Development & Implementation Services", "Project Engineering and Technical Services" and "Technical Information Management Services". Each is briefly described below. For a more detailed description of the capabilities and services provided by DSM, please contact your DSM representative at (281) 870-8676.

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