Statement of Qualifications

Section 3.4
Advantages of Environmental Program Management

A partnership with DSM to provide Environmental Program Management Services offers several important advantages.

3.4.1 Scheduled Environmental Compliance
DSM will keep track of all regulatory and client-specific environmental compliance deadlines, performance standards, reporting requirements, and provide a timely signal for action.

3.4.2 Assurance of Technical Merit
DSMís services are developed and maintained by environmental engineers and information technology engineers and backed by rigorous Quality Assurance / Quality Control procedures. This assures that environmental program components and options have technical merit, are practical in scope, and are always up-to-date with environmental regulations.

3.4.3 Efficient Usage of Client Resources
Since Program Management Services utilize DSM personnel, the clientís personnel can be utilized to concentrate on the operation of the clientís main business. Furthermore, the integrated nature of Program Management Services provides a comprehensive overview and prioritization of current and pending regulatory issues which allows for the efficient allocation of clientís personnel and capital resources.

3.4.4 Client Tailored Service
Since Program Management Services are designed in conjunction with the client and maintained by DSM, the client is afforded maximum flexibility with regard to program direction and scope. With the ever changing environmental regulatory environment and the potential for operating unit acquisition or sale, this flexibility is essential.

3.4.5 Time Critical Control of Environmental Compliance Status
Since Program Management Services are PC based, the client can receive information, executive summaries, status reports and tracking reports via modem on a real time basis to maintain complete control of the environmental compliance status. The format of all reports and the type of information contained within each report is at the sole discretion of the client.

3.4.6 Conditional Immunity from Environmental Liability
DSM Environmental Program Management Services meets the EPA definition of a "Compliance Management System" and will provide conditional immunity from environmental litigation.

3.4.7 Long-Term Partnership
DSM is committed to the operating client partnership. The working combination of client personnel and the experienced DSM professional staff results in practical, economic, and timely solutions to complex environmental compliance issues.

3.4.8 Field Implementation Capabilities
Although DSM maintains a highly skilled group of professionals, DSM also maintains field technicians to perform field related data collection tasks at a minimum cost to the client. DSM is able to utilize field technicians and rely on the collected data due to well documented company guidelines and standard operating procedures established for task-specific data collection and field procedures.

3.4.9 Established, Well Defined, Standard Operating Procedures
DSM has established Standard Operation Procedures (SOPís) and QA/QC guidelines for its personnel and for subcontractor personnel. With these SOPís, DSM can assure uniform and in-compliance performance on all environmental work.

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