Statement of Qualifications

Section 3.5
Benefits of Environmental Program Management

A partnership with DSM to provide Environmental Program Management Services provides substantial benefits to DSM Client partners.

3.5.1 Increased Regulatory Compliance
With the environmental program management services, comprehensive identification and prioritization of environmental compliance exceptions, design and implementation of practical compliance solutions, and event / cost tracking capabilities, deadlines are met, fines are reduced or eliminated and environmental compliance becomes a scheduled and negotiated part of facility operations.

3.5.2 Reduced Compliance and Remediation Costs
The environmental program management services provides for the efficient and timely management of environmental issues. This allows the client to be in control of the priority, options and schedule for implementation or compliance. Client controlled compliance is substantially less expensive than regulatory driven compliance.

3.5.3 Reduced Environmental Program Management Costs
The DSM / Client partnership is the key to reducing environmental costs. The DSM Environmental Program Management Services provide an economic and practical alternative to the high cost of in-house environmental staff expansion or the traditional environmental consulting industries' "Time & Materials" pricing structure.

3.5.4 Reduced Environmental Risk, Liability and Insurance Cost
Better program / project management, quicker response time to environmental issues, product releases, compliance exceptions, agencies directives, proposed rule making, etc., reduces the risk of environmental liability. A well managed active program will greatly reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

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